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The Coconut Challenge: Patrick’s Cooking Failure

So about 2 months ago, I’m at the store, you know, shopping. And I get this idea. You see I had been making it too easy on young Patrick in the kitchen, getting him various meats and safe vegetables that allowed him to cook simple roasts and pasta dishes. He wasn’t growing enough and that was my fault, I needed to challenge him with the ingredients I was providing.

I consider myself somewhat of a visionary in the kitchen. Sure, I can’t cook, but I see the possibilities of future food, sort of like a wizard. No, not a wizard, that’s too strong, maybe a clairvoyant. Anyway, after deciding that I needed to kick Patrick into shape, I set out to find something that would throw a wrench in his “safe” approach.

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Product Review: Maine Beer Company

Every time I venture back to New Hampshire I do a few things: I see my family, see my friends, and go to Trader Joe’s.  I grab a few food items here and there depending on what I plan on cooking that week, but more importantly I grab a bunch of beer and wine.  At this point I’ve locked down a few wines from there that have become stalwarts in our apartment.  This way I’m always prepared for guests, or prepared to get drunk; to be honest it’s probably a mix of the two.

Most recently I picked up a beer from the Maine Beer Company based out of Portland, Maine originally, but now Freeport, Maine, called Peeper Ale.  Since I’m originally from New Hampshire the name obviously appealed to me, and after checking out the description I was sold.

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Barren Kitchen: Leaving Patrick Out to Dry

Over the past few weeks, my extracurricular activities have ramped up, in a very positive way. I’m part of a great comedy show Wednesday nights, and recording my radio show, and playing some highly competitive playoff co-ed softball, and pushing my book to anyone and everyone that will possibly buy it. However, the flip side to all of this good fortune is that I am rarely home. Like, I haven’t gotten home before 11 PM since last week sometime. Because of that, I haven’t had a chance to go food shopping since last week either (I was in NYC this weekend and didn’t get home until, you guessed it, after 11 PM on Sunday). So, Patrick has been mightily struggling to prepare meals. It’s gotten to the point now where he actually can’t prepare meals, and is being forced to fend for himself as I slowly slip back into a habit of buying all of my meals from to-go restaurants at 4x the cost of my normal diet…

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Hot Diggity Them is Some Sweet Potato Chips

In an effort to always try something new I’ve been experimenting with one of my favorite vegetables – sweet potatoes.  Yearning for inspiration I hit the internet and searched various cooking sites until I settled on sweet potato chips. They sounded delicious and I had never made them before so I figured I’d give them a shot.

The recipe called for a mandolin, which was a problem since I do not own one.  “No worries, I can just use a vegetable peeler,” I thought to myself.  Following that brief moment of, let’s be honest, questionable reasoning, I grabbed my peeler and began my attempt at peeling sweet potatoes into chip sized pieces.

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Cooking for Bill & Pat: Colleen’s Chicken Recipe

Ah, the 4th of July, quite possibly one of the most enjoyable holidays in the year. Relaxing by the water, drinking a cold beer, and grilling with friends – at least in Boston it’s the only holiday not accompanied by snow..

This past week, the lovely Colleen came up with her roommates Jen and Gail and we had a weekend chock full of food. On the 4th we all headed up to Patrick’s lake house in New Hampshire to celebrate the occasion. Patrick showed off his skills by grilling burgers, hot dogs, and guzzling cups of beer like it was the night before Prohibition! Anyway, the weather was fantastic, the people were even better, and it was a great celebration. Friday night we made our way across the state to my friend Dan Boyer’s lake house on Winnipisaukee (sp? – too lazy to look it up). The view from his house was spectacular, and his parents made some incredible food (as they always do), including steak tips, burgers, hot dogs, and even lobster rolls!?

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Cooking for Bill Live!

Cooking for Bill is proud to announce that we will be appearing as guests on at approximately 12:30-1:00pm and 1:30pm-2:00pm.  We’ll be speaking with Rosanne from and talking all things Pizza and Cooking for Bill!  It’s our first time out so give it a watch and let us know what you think.

-Patrick and Bill

9 Brussels Sprouts!? Pork, Risotto, and 9 Brussels Sprouts

Any day I know Bill will be returning home with groceries is a great one.  It’s always intriguing to see what he brought back and figure out what ill be cooking that week.  This week was no different.  I returned home to find a freshly stocked fridge to my delight.  It held all the normal stall worths of our apartment: asparagus, chicken, salmon, kale, and many more.  However I was delighted to see that my favorite vegetable, brussels sprouts had finally returned to our fridge.

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BBQ Chicken and Salad: Importance of An Emergency Supply

The most interesting part of our week is typically the weekend. That’s because I go shopping on Sunday/Monday, and by the end of the week we are struggling to scrounge together whatever is left before my next trip to the store. To Patrick’s credit, he is very talented at making something from nothing, so this issue is never too overwhelming. Something he likes to do to protect himself, and what I would recommend to you, is to have an emergency meat supply in the freezer, because of all the food items, meat is the first that runs out every week.

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One Minute Thirty Seconds

One minute thirty seconds, a sentence common to our apartment. Why’s that you ask? Well, I cook every night regardless of if Bill is there or not; so when Bill returns late I’ve already eaten, but there is an extra plate for him.  Much like a child that finds money from the tooth fairy under their pillow Bill yelps with joy upon discovering a meal ready to eat.  Inevitably he will ask “how long,” as in how long should I microwave this for.  Now, seeing as I eat all of my meals right after making them, you can imagine I rarely have a use for the microwave.

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My 25th Birthday: Rental Cars, Russian Food, and Southern Hospitality

This past weekend was a very important milestone for me, it was my 25th birthday. Why is that significant, you may ask? Well, it means that I can now rent a car without chopping off an appendage and handing it to the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Associate. Wanting to waste no time in using this new capability, I woke up early on my birthday and headed down south to North Carolina, for four days of relaxation on the beach with Colleen and her family. Yes, that means that Patrick was off the hook for cooking me an extravagant birthday dinner. You’re welcome, Patrick!

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