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The Sausage Roast

February 24, 2013

Any night when I know Bill will be coming back after I’ve cooked, presents me with a unique opportunity; the ability to create a meal which takes longer to cook without my 6’5 220 pound child complaining.  Tonight was no different.  The meal started with my typical jaunt about the kitchen and pantry to find ingredients whilst knowing in the back of my mind that the extra cooking time I had would be utilized to roast something.

I am a huge proponent of roasted vegetables for two reasons: first, they’re absolutely delicious, and second, they’re very easy to make.  Now with that being said, let’s talk about the meal.

I halved a butternut squash, cut it into small cubes, chopped half a red onion, cut up 5 stalks of asparagus, and cut up 3 small potatoes into small pieces (since they would take the longest to cook).  Once everything was placed in a glass pyrex dish, I coated with olive oil, seasoned with thyme, salt, pepper, and mixed until everything was covered.  While that cooked in the oven at 375 degrees I sliced the sun-dried tomato sausages into half inch pieces.  After 20 minutes had elapsed I mixed the sausages in with the vegetables.  25 minutes later I had a delicious meal that was ready to eat, and could easily be kept warm for when Bill returned.

Sausage Roast

Definitely worth the wait.


1/2 Butter Nut Squash (Cubed)

4 Chicken Sausages

5 Asparagus stalks

1/2 a Red Onion

3 Small Potatoes

Olive oil


Salt and Pepper


  1. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] [URL=]GIFSoup[/URL]

    Courtesy of F. Nemia and teacher extraodanaire G. de Montesquieu

    “What the hell are you guys doing??”

    “We’re making Sausages!!”

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