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It’s Pronounced “Q-Noa”

February 26, 2013

When I walk down the street, I’m often stopped by pedestrians who ask, “Bill, what is the toughest ingredient you have had to find?” subfoods.comWhen I became famous, I vowed to never forget the little people, so I gladly stop to answer their question. Quinoa (pronounced: Q-noa) has thus far been the most difficult item for me to find. You see, I wrongly assumed that it was a green vegetable. Why, you ask? Who the hell knows, it just sounded like a vegetable to me. So I spent the better part of a half an hour in the vegetable section looking for it. Finally, I gave up my quest and asked a lovely woman who was unloading oranges to their designated container.

“Where can I find Q-noa?”

“Um, you mean Quinoa?” she responded.

Colleen's Q-Noa Salad

Copyright 2013 Colleen L. Cagney

“Yeah, whatever, where is it?”

It turns out, that Quinoa is not a green vegetable. In fact, it is some sort of circular pasta type dish. I was way off. But hey, I learned something new, and the Quinoa salad that Patrick made as a result of my journey was well worth the frustration. There was shrimp and some other stuff too! What a meal!

Note: This recipe must be credited to Colleen, she sent it along and after making my life very difficult during the search for Q-Noa, it came out extremely well. So… I can’t be mad at her.

Another Note: I will refuse to acknowledge that the pronunciation of the food is not “Q-noa.” Many have tried to convince me that it is called something else, but those people are wrong. So STOP TRYING!



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