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February 26, 2013

I can honestly say that a recent Sunday was the single most wondrous culinary experience of my entire life. Typically, the weekends present a more bountiful menu for me because Patrick doesn’t have to work and therefore has more time to prepare my meals. However, on this particular Sunday, Pat took it to an entirely new level. I was awoken with a green shake, based off of a recipe that my girlfriend had given to us (which was completely disgusting, it’s main ingredients were basically grass and shrubs). Patrick came into my room and awoke me by saying, “Wake up, drink this.” While his version of the shake was still quite green, he had added some sweet ingredients to make it more bearable. This shake included, kale, spinach, green apple, bananas, strawberry’s, almond milk, agave nectar, and probably some other things that he will identify in a post. This green shake has since also become a regular staple in our diet, it’s rare now that a morning passes without me being awaken with one.

In any case, after Patrick had finished his new take on my girlfriend’s terrible (yet healthy) recipe, he began preparing breakfast. That’s

Pesto Chicken

Patrick’s Roasted Pesto Chicken

right, in addition to the shake! For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with kale, green pepper, tomato, onion, and kielbasa. The kielbasa added a ton of flavor and more importantly, masked the hideous taste of kale, so that we were getting the full health benefit while still enjoying the meal. After several games of destroying Pat in FIFA 2012, it was then time for lunch. Patrick had made previously in the week an unreal pulled pork. He had taken an eight lb. pork shoulder and slow cooked it, then pulled it himself, and combined it with a homemade barbeque sauce… I heated up some of that good stuff with a salad and quelled my appetite for the afternoon.

Finally, dinner time arrived. There was a particularly big Patriots game on Sunday Night Football, so a nice meal was in order. Patrick cooked a roasted pesto chicken along with potatoes and asparagus… What a meal. The Patriots lost, which ruined the otherwise fantastic day, but hey, as the cast of Glee once said, “You can’t always get what you want.” All in all, it set a new standard that I will hold young Patrick too in the kitchen. Once I’ve seen the Promised Land, I refuse to recede back to the previous way of living!



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