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Failure is a Necessary Element of Success: The Avocado Balls

February 27, 2013

Failure. It’s not something that most people are comfortable with. I personally resent it, some phobia I developed through unresolved childhood issues or whatever. In any case, failure is often necessary. Anyone who has achieved massive success has done so after failing. It’s the only way to truly grow. Such was the justification for Patrick’s creation of the baked vegetable balls one night when he returned home from work. You see, we’ve been at this for a while. Pat is getting better, his meals more complex, and his presentation much more impressive. Thus, he has become more comfortable deviating from the online recipes he relied on until this point. As he arrived home, I was sitting on the couch watching a very solid episode of ‘King of Queens.’ Patrick told me he had come up with a great idea on the ride home from work, and he began preparing his ingredients in the kitchen.

At one point, he called me in to try his partially-developed creation, and let me say, it was delicious. The ingredients remain a mystery to me, but I do know that it was an avocado-based dish. Probably some peppers, corn starch or something to hold it together. I don’t know anything, leave me alone. All I can say is that it tasted like a souped-up guacamole, and would have made a tremendous dip. What I wasn’t aware of was that he was going to then form that tasty mix into balls and stick them into the oven. Probably the worst decision he had made all day. They emerged looking almost like burnt chocolate-chip cookies. If you cut, or worse, bit into one of them, you would be more tortured by the consistency than the taste. They had a crusty outer layer, and a mush-filled interior. At first, I wanted to lie to spare his feelings, so I put on a bit of a front when he asked me how they were. Thankfully, however, he saved me the uncomfortable moment by offering his own evaluation.

“They’re terrible. I don’t know what the hell happened,” he said. I didn’t need to respond, there was nothing left to say. Awful, purely awful. But, that’s the price of success. Failure.



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