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When Bill Cooks for Bill – Patrick’s Side

March 4, 2013

Tonight was definitely a first. I had to head back home to New Hampshire after work so Bill was on his own for dinner…at least initially.  I decided that even though I wouldn’t be there physically I could still help out with the cooking.

Feeling adventurous I called Bill already with an idea in my head of what he could make.  The goal was to coach Bill to make something that was simple, quick, and delicious.  Bill took the kitchen and put me on speakerphone so he could get to work.

I started by having him peel and slice a cucumber into inch and a half strips that were about a quarter of an inch thick.  After struggling for what seemed to be an eternity to peel the cucumber Bill assured me that the task was complete.  Now, knowing Bill like I do I can only assume that “complete” meant he had cut a half peeled cucumber in half once and was done.  Regardless, I continued instructing him.   Next, I had him toast the bagel, a task I was confident he could do; he accomplished this flawlessly.  To construct the sandwich I instructed Bill to spread cream cheese on each slice of bagel followed by a generous helping of wasabi sauce.  Once complete he placed the sliced cucumbers across the bottom half of the bagel, laid smoked salmon atop, then covered it all with the top half of the bagel.

From the texts I received afterwards I know that Bill found it delicious, however, I have no idea what it came out looking like.  We’ll have to wait and see from his account of his adventure, but for the time being I think it’s safe to say mission accomplished.


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  1. Dumps permalink

    You should really market this sandwich to Au Bon Pain. Or perhaps you already have. Hm…

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