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Cooking With Simon and Garfunkel?

March 13, 2013
Rosemary Chicken

Tonight when Bill returned from improv he was in possession of gifts for me…other wise known as groceries.  Whatever the case may be I was still excited for them.  We put them away and I got right to cooking.  It was late so I wanted something I could cook and forget about, so I cut the fat off two chicken breasts, chopped up two sweet potatoes, a white onion, and looked towards the many seasonings I could choose from.  Thanks to my brother and his wife I have a double tiered spice rack featuring 16 spices, which was an incredible Christmas gift (thanks guys), however, I haven’t used half the spices on there so I’ve decided to make a concentrated effort to use and combine spices I’ve never previously utilized.

I ended up rubbing the chicken with rosemary and sage, then coating the vegetables with parsley and thyme.  They all went into a roasting dish, and are still sitting in a 400 degree oven as I write this.  Everything smelled great as I placed it in the oven, however, right after I shut the oven door I realized what had just happened.

I inadvertently took cooking advice from Simon & Garfunkel.  You see, in the song Scarborough Fair the first line is: Are you going to Scarborough Fair?  Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  Now they do go on to repeat this numerous times throughout the song, yet fail to mention whether or not it is a practical way to season your dinner.


Turns out Simon and Garfunkel know their way around a song, and a kitchen, who knew?!


  1. Jen F permalink

    You guys are great! haha I think you should invite people over and they should be able to pick the main ingredient… and in return they bring desert or wine!! lol

    • Thanks for the kind words Jen! And we love to have dinner guests, especially who bring wine! Come by anytime 🙂

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