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Guest Post: Cooking for Bill AND Patrick (Family Dinner)

March 14, 2013

“Most of the time I think what you eat looks disgusting. That was actually pretty good.” –Bill, when I cooked for Bill.

After Pat had nearly run himself to the ground, cooking for the 6’5” monster who demands meals each night, I offered to chip in while Pat nursed the blisters on his cutting fingers.

With six stomachs to feed and the resilient Pat by my side, we created a meal with much nutritional value and seemed to taste decent enough. Or so their mouths and clear plates told me.

I arrived to the remarkably well kept bachelor pad of the two bright faces of this blog around eighteen-hundred hours after taking several wrong turns in a town I lived in for five years. Such is life. Immediately I got to chopping while Pat turned up the Ed Sheeran album on Spotify—a delightful background soundtrack. Into the roasted mix went: eggplant, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, and parsnips. I tossed it with some coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, and curry. Vegetables can be delicious. 

Pat handled the chicken thighs with a layer bit of BBQ sauce.

A little buckwheat with Italian seasoning for a protein-packed grain.

And finally, some Trader Joe’s chicken sausage, just in case the chicken was not enough.

Thank you Bill, Pat, and family for your company and for your hand in creating a lovely meal. Patrick…bless you. And get yourself a spaghetti squash and a jar of coconut oil. With so many pictures, here is a gallery documenting our night 🙂

– Mandy Rogers is a friend of Cooking for Bill, and a healthy living expert. Visit her website for more information.


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