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What a Cool Stew, Bro!

March 25, 2013

When I was 12, my parents got divorced. Yes, yes, it was a rough time, but the most difficult part about it was that my young brother and I were now subjected to our father’s limited cooking ability when we were with him. Fortunately, most of the time our Grandmother, being the kind soul that she was, would send up Tupperware filled with actual meals on a very regular basis. If, however, we went a long stretch without this delivery, well, let’s just say all hell would break loose.

The one item that my father could make with very strong quality was a beef stew. He would slow cook the stew all day long while we were at school and serve it over a bed of white rice. Mmmmm – it was spectacular. I often would tell people that if I had the misfortune of being placed on death row, and was asked to choose my last meal, it would be this homemade beef stew (sort of morbid I know, but I have to emphasize the point). Anyway, the other night Patrick decided he was going to make his own version of a stew. Well, actually he took the recipe from a Canadian cookbook that Colleen had given him which I am sure he will discuss in one of his posts (he complains about the complexity of the recipes though they taste wonderful).

The result of this ‘Mediterranean Stew’ recipe was simply unbelievable. The recipe claimed to make enough servings for 5 people, and I ate about 70% of it, so it was quite a hearty meal. Granted, there was no rice, so it didn’t totally remind me of my childhood, but I can honestly say it may be the best thing that Patrick has made thus far, and that is a rather bold proclamation. Thank you Canada, I never knew what to make of you before, but I’ve just become a HUGE fan of your work!

As winter won’t seem to ever go away, I am hoping that Patrick plans to make his stew again, it is the perfect ‘stuck inside’ type of meal for the winter!


To read Patrick’s side, click here!

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