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Throw Back Thursday: Snowpocalypse

March 28, 2013

This post was lost in the CFB archives, and was written prior to the historic blizzard known as “NEMO.” Since it is #TBT, we figured we could throw it up here anyway!

According to the forecasters, this may be one of my final posts. The headline for tomorrow’s storm is something to the effect of “The biggest snow storm in history, the world is going to end.” Thus, we are preparing to be trapped inside for at least a couple of days. Tonight, I had a comedy show in Somerville, MA until about 10 PM. Patrick texted me a few last minute ingredients that he wanted me to pick up for the lock-in. Even though I had already spent in excess of $150 on food this week, I wanted to make sure I would be able to eat well during the storm, so I obliged and stopped at the local Star Market around 10:30 PM (it closes at 11). Before moving in with Patrick, I never went food shopping per se, unless of course you include going to a pizza hut and selecting a meal off of the menu food shopping. So, I have never experienced what it is like to enter a supermarket hours before what is being marketed as a catastrophic weather event. When I walked into the main entrance, the scene before me was truly horrifying.

The store looked like something out of a movie, and not just any movie, but one of those disaster movies, where the world is truly ending and deranged people are looting any business for necessary supplies. The meat section, typically stocked full of any type or cut of beef, pork or chicken you could want, was nearly barren, with only the worst cuts of meat that had the nearest expiration date left standing. Fortunately, I had stockpiled a large selection of meat during my Monday night trip, so I only needed to find some ground turkey per Patrick’s request. Even that was gone however, so he will have to settle for some ground chicken (which I assume to be the same exact thing). The remaining items on my list were fairly standard:

  • Reduced fat sour cream
  • Reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese (Patrick must have body image issues or something)
  • 1 15 oz can of pinto beans
  • 1 can of no salt added tomato sauce (Which I assume doesn’t exist so I got regular)
  • 2 28 oz cans of diced tomatoes
  • Almond milk unflavored (I accidentally got vanilla flavored last time)
  • Candles

The candles were a big one for Patrick, since it is predicted that we may lose power for a very long time and we have used all of the candles in our apartment. Unfortunately, the only candles left at the Star Market were in the Latino section and had giant Jesus images on them. Nothing against Jesus, I’m a Catholic, but I don’t really want his likeness staring at me while I light it on fire. Thankfully, the people at Star Market had planned for this perspective, and had put out a few candles with the Jesus picture removed. They were long and skinny (and most importantly, cheap), and didn’t really have a good scent to them. I picked up two.

I quickly paid for my items (only ~$40 this time), and returned home where I carefully parked my car so that it would be as easy as possible to move it out of 8 feet of snow. We now have enough food items for Patrick to maintain his gourmet cooking schedule despite the blizzard known adorably as, “Nemo.”

Stay tuned.


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