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Guest Post: Cooking Pork Chops with Dan Boyer

April 23, 2013
Dan Boyer is on the left..

Dan Boyer is on the left..

For quite some time now I have been nearly begging Bill to allow me to post here as I completely share Patrick’s passion for cooking all things delicious. I have never met Patrick other than an awkward Facetime conversation with Bill while Bill was delaying shoveling out his car in the middle of another Boston blizzard. However, I have tried, and love Patrick’s recipes, so I thought I might contribute something of my own. There are several differences between Bill and Pat’s situation and my own. However the major difference is that I must buy my own ingredients and cook for myself as I live alone…so if I screw up or burn my dinner there is no one to blame but myself. (This has led to more than a few pasta in the saucepan nights, which is a noted favorite of Bill’s). Secondly…I do not share Patrick’s hatred for salads (I love them). But I digress. One of my favorite things about Monday (actually my only favorite thing about Monday) is that I have a fridge full of fresh ingredients. So this week I decided to prepare a favorite pork chop recipe of mine. The idea is to serve the pork chops over a serving of fresh baby spinach and veggies, over perogies (a personal favorite and a very easy addition to any meal).

What you will need:

1 yellow pepper

1 orange or red pepper (your choice)

1 yellow onion

1 carrot

Olive oil

Minced garlic

1 boneless pork chop

Fresh baby spinach

Lawry’s Chili Lime Marinade

White wine (optional)


Marinate the pork chop in the Chili Lime marinade (24 hours is perfection)

Wash and chop all vegetables (except for the baby spinach)

In a small frying pan heat up some olive oil on medium to high heat

Once heated put vegetables in

Add some minced garlic into this pan and turn the heat to medium-low let the vegetables cook until the carrots are soft (add wine as necessary for flavor)

In a separate larger cooking pan…heat the pan until hot…

When hot put the pork chop in and sear each side for about 20 seconds

Turn this heat down to medium and add olive oil and garlic

Add perogies and cook until soft (the pork should need to cook for about 15 minutes or so)

Add cooking vegetables to the larger pan

Now wash and add baby spinach and cover…

At this point I like to add a bit of the marinade and stir

The baby spinach only needs a few moments to cook


And that’s it! Enjoy! Hope to hear some good advice and contribute again soon.


Dan Boyer is a friend of (Cooking for) Bill’s and a talented grill master. He also has been to Disney world over 75 times and no, he does not live in Orlando, folks. You can follow his antics on Twitter @dboyer77 and look for him to appear in his own reality show, because yeah it’s definitely going to happen.


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