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Drinking with Bill and Ryan Gosling…

April 25, 2013

For those of you that know Bill and myself what I am about to say will not come as a surprise to you, but for those that continue to learn more and more about us with each post prepare to dive further into our questionable errr I mean… intriguing lives.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. What a film. Neither Bill nor I is afraid to admit that, and if you say otherwise you’re a liar. However, the point of this post is not to talk about how great of a movie that is, because it’s fantastic in case you were wondering, but instead we’re focusing on a certain drink that Ryan Gosling makes after bringing Emma Stone back to his apartment.

After some light googling I learned that he prepares an old fashioned. Turns out there’s not much to it, so I had Bill pick up the ingredients on his next shopping adventure. In the film it takes Mr. Gosling approximately 10-12 seconds to make this drink. In my attempt to recreate this drink a few truths came out. First, it takes more than 12 seconds, and a bit more effort to make a good old fashioned, and second, sadly I did not look sexy while trying to make it (Ryan why have you lied to me?!).

Here’s how to make it like Ryan:

Step One: Do what I can only assume are about 150,000 sit ups.

Step Two: Place one sugar cube in a short glass and drizzle a few drops of bitters on top of it.

Step Three: Crush the cube so that it mixes with the bitters and makes a coating on the bottom of the glass.

Step Four: Add Rye Whiskey (I used about a shot and a half)

Step Five: Add one orange slice (squeeze juices in before placing in glass)

Step Six: Add ice, stir, and enjoy.

Thanks for the idea Ryan, Bill’s now hooked on them. Even though I’ll never look like you, I will learn to make better drinks than you…so take that…

Old Fashioned a la Ryan Gosling

Old Fashioned a la Ryan Gosling


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