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Meeting the Parents: Apple Cinnamon Ravioli

April 30, 2013

Alright, y’all. This weekend your boy had to take a big step in the relationship process. Yes, it was time to meet the parents, Colleen’s parents that is, who were in town from North Carolina. I headed down to NYC, with Patrick who came along for our friend Greg’s birthday party and my coworker Julia, who is a real bad-ass woman, and was visiting friends in the East Village. We arrived Friday night, and the plan was to go to brunch with Colleen’s parents the next morning. Although my chef was with me, I was not going to be dining by his hand at any point throughout the weekend.

Colleen and I got ready Saturday and headed out to meet her folks at the spot she had picked out in Brooklyn for brunch. I was apprehensive, as you could imagine, because most parents find me to be too dangerous for their daughters. “We don’t approve, you are just too cool and mysterious for our daughter!” That’s what every parent has said that I’ve met before. Fortunately, Colleen has really cool parents, which made the experience much easier. I honestly forget what I had for brunch that first day, though I remember enjoying it, because the other meals were much more notable. It was also amusing to watch Colleen and her mother both melt at the sight of a baby walk past (or be carried past is more accurate). Yes, I can see how they are related.


This is the bottle of port, I convinced Colleen to let me take this blurry photo instead of the bottle as a souvenir

After eating and walking around DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass) for a while, we headed back to rest before dinner. You see, it was Mrs. Colleen’s mother’s (real name changed to protect privacy) birthday dinner, so her dad had picked out a wonderful Italian restaurant to go to for the occasion! Knowing that I was not going to be cooked for, they were gracious enough to invite me along! I forget the name of the place, because it was some long Italian phrase, but it was one of the better dinners I’ve ever had. Let me repeat that, one of the better dinners I have EVER had! I ordered apple & cinnamon ravioli, with a veal tomato sauce. Yes, those items don’t sound like they would go together, but they definitely do. No doubt about that. We had a couple of bottles of wine, some beautiful appetizers, including chicken liver wrapped with bacon (which again sounded gross, but I tried it to make them think I was sophisticated, and it was actually delicious!). Because Colleen’s parents were so likable, the restaurant even gave us a free bottle of port to end the meal with! Also, our waiter was from Italy too, apparently they brought him over to make the meal more authentic for the special occasion! What a great idea by Colleen’s dad! It was so wonderful.

Following dinner, we spent about 13 hours trying to find a cab next to the Barclay’s Center before giving up, which made no sense because the Nets were away. Colleen’s parents walked back to their hotel and Colleen and I ventured by subway into Manhattan to meet Patrick and the gang for the birthday party. The rest of the night will not be documented on the blog, suffice it to say that everyone imbibed and celebrated the birth of one of America’s greatest sons, Greg Montine.

Sunday morning, we met Colleen’s parents again for brunch, this time at a small place next to her apartment. Colleen contacted the restaurant prior to our arrival asking them to send out some mimosas once we were seated (since it was still her mother’s bday celebration), which was a nice touch. This was another notable meal, as we ordered a basket of pastries to start with boozy jam and butter (which, much to my dismay, boozy jam involves no booze whatsoever..) For brunch, I ordered a meal with two fried eggs, baked beans, kielbasa, bacon, toast, and mushrooms on top of a yellow pepper. It…. was…. spectacular! The only problem was that they charged us for each coffee, like coffee had no refills included… Never seen that before, not a great way to keep customers happy on a Sunday morning, when coffee is a necessity.

Brunch #2

Brunch #2

Regardless, after lunch we once again headed into Manhattan for some shopping. After Mr. and Mrs. Colleen’s parents acquired some new chiq eye wear, it was back to Brooklyn to prepare for dinner. This time, however, we were not going out. Colleen was hosting a little dinner gathering at her apartment, so we had to go food shopping. Here is where I could really shine! Really make an impression on the parents, after all, I am a shopper extraordinaire! The tough part was that I wasn’t going to be able to stay for dinner, so that kind of sucked. I had to head out to make it back to Boston, but before departing, I was able to track down a rare fig jam that no one else was able to find. Yeah, everyone was pretty impressed but I shook it off, “It’s what I do,” I told them. Then I hopped on my Harley and drove off down the cracker aisle into the sunset.

Great food, great people, great weekend.

P.S. We also received a couple of cool spices from Colleen’s mom, look for a review soon!

– Fin

– Bill

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  1. Omg need that ravioli it sounds like the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Where did you have this ravioli?

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