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Egg White Salad: A Serendipitous Recipe

May 15, 2013

Sometimes, mistakes result in the most innovative creations. Take penicillin for example. Mold as an antibiotic? Sounds crazy. Well, one day, this guy was in some real debt to the mafia, I mean he was in bad shape, he needed money. His friends said they would pay him if he ate gross things to entertain them. So of course he obliged. At first he ate a penny, and became violently ill. But he needed the loot, so next one of the guys went over to the sink and took some mold off of a dirty dish. They bet him $100 to eat it. Already sick, and sure this mold would kill him, he agreed. See this was in like 1948 so $100 could buy an island, he had no choice.

Much to his surprise, he instead felt incredible. No longer sick from the penny, he collected the money, paid off his debt, and inadvertently discovered a new medication, which he named pennycilin since it cured his sickness that had been caused by a penny. The name was later changed to penicillin to account for the other uses that the medication had outside of curing the consumption of dirty currency.

Anyway, things can be great if you just let mistakes be made. Patrick, who is not a visionary, can’t allow this to happen though. This past week I was really hungry. Patrick had already made my dinner so he wasn’t going to cook for me again, so I decided to prepare myself a nice healthy salad. I went in the refrigerator and pulled out some greens, an apple, and some feta cheese. I wanted to spice it up and make my own little oil-based vinaigrette so I saw that Patrick had a measuring cup of lemon juice on the top shelf. I knew it was lemon juice because there was a lemon next to it to signify that is what was in the cup. So I pulled that out and went to work.

Of course Patrick, being a buzz-kill, pokes his head in and is like, “What are you doing?” I explain to him that I’m being the chef he couldn’t be, and I ask if it is OK that I use some of his lemon juice. “Well, sure you can, but that is a cup full of egg-whites.”


Look, I’m not saying I’m competent, but I’m not prepared to say that this recipe wouldn’t work either. I don’t know, I didn’t eat it being afraid to consume raw egg. But you might want to, who knows it might just be the next pennycilin!

*If you do eat this let us know if you are still alive.

– Fin


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