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A Fitting Time for A Throwback Post: Sausage and Vegetable Pita

May 21, 2013

As we find ourselves on the eve of the Bachelorette premier next week I came across a post that was lost in the Cooking for Bill archive and never shared with the world.  With that, I will leave you with this throw back post.

It’s a sad day when it starts to snow an hour before I need to get onto a bus which drives down the Mass Pike; that was precisely the situation tonight. I made it back in time to make dinner, but Monday nights are yet another night that comes with a time crunch.  What’s the time crunch you ask? Bill needs to go watch the bachelor…Yup; you read that right the first time.

Anywho…knowing that I had limited time before Bill had to get his weekly estrogen fix I utilized my time stuck on a sweaty and horrid smelling MBTA bus to game plan.

When I arrived at our apartment I had exactly 1 hour until Bill had to go so I went right to it.  I chopped up a half of a yellow, red, green, and orange pepper, a whole white onion and threw in a skillet with olive oil.  While that sautéed I sliced up 4 links of roasted garlic chicken sausage and cooked them in a second skillet.  Once cooked through I combined all the ingredients into one sautee pan, and cooked just long enough to bind all the flavors

My plan for serving this was simple: halve a slice of pita bread and stuff my concoction inside after adding salt and pepper to taste.

It was delicious, and Bill made it to his Bachelor party.  A success all around!


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