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Hell’s Kitchen – This Ain’t No TV Show

June 4, 2013

All winter, we struggled with our heating system. There were nights when our apartment would dive into the 40’s leaving us desperately bundled in multiple sweat shirts and wrapped with blankets, towels, or whatever else would bring some sliver of heat. Well, now, barely into June, the opposite problem is happening. At last check the other day, it was 93 degrees Fahrenheit INSIDE OUR HOUSE. That’s right folks, not sure how that happens either, but let’s just say that is a fairly uncomfortable temperature to live at. Fortunately, both myself and Patrick have air conditioner units in our bedrooms, so we went the better part of the weekend without seeing each other, refusing to leave our respective oasis’ to venture into the Amazon.

However, Patrick still has a duty to uphold, and to his credit, he cooked with an oven in this apartment.. which probably didn’t help us to cool it off..

Still, Patrick put together a lovely meal of steak and roasted vegetables for me to consume, and consume I did, from the comfort of my bed, where it was cool. Here were the cooking directions:

– Pre-heat your living room to 150 degrees Fahrenheit

– Place a piece of raw steak on the floor for 20-25 minutes or until it is cooked to your liking

– Enjoy!

OK, that is really how it’s done, but it was so damn hot. Thankfully, we invested in a behemoth of an AC unit for the living room, which after 3 days of non-stop power has cooled us down to what would be considered adequate “room temperature.”

– Fin


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