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One Minute Thirty Seconds

June 21, 2013

One minute thirty seconds, a sentence common to our apartment. Why’s that you ask? Well, I cook every night regardless of if Bill is there or not; so when Bill returns late I’ve already eaten, but there is an extra plate for him.  Much like a child that finds money from the tooth fairy under their pillow Bill yelps with joy upon discovering a meal ready to eat.  Inevitably he will ask “how long,” as in how long should I microwave this for.  Now, seeing as I eat all of my meals right after making them, you can imagine I rarely have a use for the microwave.

As level headed people know, there is no skill required to operate a microware.  On top of this there is no set time for different foods in the microwave.  It depends on what you’re heating up, how good the microwave is, etc.  This concept eludes Bill, and due to this we’ve come to one minute third seconds.

The second time Bill asked me “how long?” I realized the pattern that was occurring; so at that moment I picked one minute thirty at random and told him.  Since then every meal I’ve cooked takes one minute and thirty seconds to microwave (such a coincidence!) and Bill is none the is wiser about it…until now.


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