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Cooking for Bill & Pat: Colleen’s Chicken Recipe

July 11, 2013

Ah, the 4th of July, quite possibly one of the most enjoyable holidays in the year. Relaxing by the water, drinking a cold beer, and grilling with friends – at least in Boston it’s the only holiday not accompanied by snow..

This past week, the lovely Colleen came up with her roommates Jen and Gail and we had a weekend chock full of food. On the 4th we all headed up to Patrick’s lake house in New Hampshire to celebrate the occasion. Patrick showed off his skills by grilling burgers, hot dogs, and guzzling cups of beer like it was the night before Prohibition! Anyway, the weather was fantastic, the people were even better, and it was a great celebration. Friday night we made our way across the state to my friend Dan Boyer’s lake house on Winnipisaukee (sp? – too lazy to look it up). The view from his house was spectacular, and his parents made some incredible food (as they always do), including steak tips, burgers, hot dogs, and even lobster rolls!?


Saturday evening, we ventured back down into Massachusetts, and spent the night walking around Rockport by the beach. Rockport, as it turns out, is a semi-dry town, meaning that you can only be served alcohol if you also order food. Weird, so we had to get dinner… I split an order of curry shrimp with Colleen along with a simple salad. Patrick ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, some type of seared Tuna, and didn’t like it. His elitist taste-buds were less than pleased. That’s why I like being incompetent, because the tiny nuances in food quality don’t register with me, so I like everything.

Finally, Sunday evening rolled around, and we got a chance to relax at my apartment. Patrick was with his family for the day, so Colleen volunteered to make dinner (and she even bought the ingredients! What a treat for me!). She made an absolutely delicious dinner, and when Patrick came home, she even fed him. Here’s what she made:

– Roasted Pesto Chicken Breasts

– Salad with fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, and peaches (This was AWESOME)

– Brussels Sprouts with red pepper flakes (a Patrick trick)

The meal, just like the weekend, was extremely satisfying.

– Fin



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