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About CFB

Hi Everybody. My name is Bill, yes, the Bill from the title of this blog. You’re probably asking what this website is all about. Well, it’s Cookingforbillheadshotabout me, and my roommate Patrick, and a unique arrangement that we have set up with one another. Welcome to our journey. Before we get started, I want to give some background about the origin of this project, and why it has continued so successfully for so long. I like to consider myself to be fairly talented in a variety of ways. By day, I am a Marketing Manager, and enjoy my work quite a bit. By night, I am an improv comedian, and perform in comedy clubs around the Boston area with some very funny folks. In my spare time, I play a lot of basketball and travel whenever I have a free few days in a row. I’m a busy guy, and I tend to focus on the activities where I find the most success. One activity that has never fit that description, is cooking. You see, I am an absolute menace in the kitchen (and not in a good way). Prior to this arrangement, I would buy most (95%) of all of my meals at restaurants, and would face the awkward instance of sometimes having the same delivery man come to my apartment more than once in a single day.

Anyway, if I ever did feel compelled to save some money, or to try and lead a healthier lifestyle, I would only cook the basics. That is, chicken, steak, pork, and pasta. That’s all I can make, and I wouldn’t feel right serving these items to anyone but myself. Since I’m so inept in the kitchen, I burn everything I cook intentionally to ensure that I don’t give myself Salmonella poisoning. Yeah folks, it’s that bad. Over the summer, I was reaching the end of my lease with two great friends who were moving on to other living accommodations, and was in need of a new roommate. I ran into Patrick in our hometown of Nashua, NH (where we grew up and have known each other for a VERY long time). He had happened to just get a job downtown in Boston, and was also looking to move into the area. Thus, our rental relationship was born! But the cooking is what’s important here.

Over the first several weeks after we moved in together, Patrick and I maintained separate eating schedules. He would acquire and cook his own meals, and I would call up my friend the trusted delivery man to bring me either a chicken finger dinner or an Italian sub.. EVERY…SINGLE…DAY. It wasn’t until a visit from my girlfriend Colleen, who resides in New York City, that we realized the potential for something great. Patrick, being the overly nice person that he is, offered that if I were to buy some ingredients for dinner, he would be happy to cook for myself and Colleen. Of course I obliged, considering that it would position me in a positive and mature light to this new girl in my life. Well, I assumed that Pat would prepare some slightly improved version of my own personal cooking menu (chicken, steak, pork, pasta). Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when he served us homemade meat lasagna from scratch about an hour and a half after I had brought home the groceries. “What an unbelievable talent!” I thought to myself (and said out loud). “How did he do this?” “I could get used to this kind of food!”

It truly felt good to eat a well-cooked meal. Prior to moving in, I had been in a very unhealthy place (likely exacerbated by my diet) and was very much interested in living a much healthier way. At one point, I jokingly stated, “Man, I would buy all of your food if you cooked for me every day!” Patrick’s response was, “I’m totally on board with that.” And so, officially, Cooking for Bill was born!

Here are the details. I buy, Patrick cooks. Simple as that. Typically, around 4 PM every Monday, I get a text that looks something like this:


Easy for him to say.

I have to go to the grocery store and collect whatever outrageous ingredients (probably normal ingredients to anyone who knows anything about food!) are on the list. I bring them home, present them to Patrick, and he makes my meals. Surprisingly, this arrangement has been extremely satisfactory to both of us for a few months. I am eating healthier, tastier meals, and Patrick is eating for free all of the time. A real symbiotic relationship. Through the process, we have both grown and developed skills that we never knew we could. I still can’t cook, but I know ingredients like the back of my hand! And Patrick, well he’s getting confident enough now that he is creating his own items in the kitchen, and no longer relying simply on recipes from the internet!

The purpose of this platform, Cooking For Bill, is for us to share our journey with you. It has often times been very humorous, and has given us each a healthier lifestyle. We thought it was time that we put our successes (and failures!) out there for our friends to see. Hopefully, you will find some use out of our efforts! Please let us know what you think, and share your own stories from the kitchen, I assume we aren’t the only 20-something’s learning as we go!

  1. Hey guys – if you used a shared account with groceryiq or grocerygadget (works with both iphone and android) – you would simplify your text message shopping list. I’ve used groceriq, but now prefer grocerygadget. Fantastic idea, had no idea Pat was such a great chef!

  2. Thanks for the tip, we’ll definitely give it a shot!

  3. You were dead serious…. this is hilarious.

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